Some AI transcriptions of popular song lyrics

Amazon Transcribe is a Siri-like tool that can write down text from an audio recording. It’s probably useful for closed captioning, etc.

I thought I’d have some fun by feeding it a few famous songs:

Shake It Off (Taylor Swift)

“people, people, but people, people. Hey, just think you’ve been getting down and out about the liars and the dirty, dirty cheats of the world. You could have been getting down to this sick beat his new girlfriend. She’s like, Oh my God, I’m just shaking to go there with you. Come on over, baby with shake, shake, shake”

Piano Man (Billy Joel)

“It’s nine o’clock on Saturday. Oh, regular crowd shuffles. There’s an old man sitting next to me making love to his tonic and gin, he says. You play me a memory. I’m not really sure, but it’s sad and it’s sweet. And I knew it. I wouldn’t worry. Sing us, Sing us well around in the booth. You got a spill. It all right now, John at the bar is a friend of mine. It gets me my drinks for free, and it’s quick with a joke on light Up Your Smoke. But there’s someplace that he’d rather bill. I believe this is killing me. Smile. Run away from his face. My place. Now Paul is a real estate novelist who never had time for a while, and he’s talking with David, was still in the Navy and probably will be practicing politics. Businessmen. So get stuff, Yes, but it’s drinking. It’s a pretty good crowd for a Saturday, and the manager gives me a smile because he knows that it’s me they’ve been coming to see, to forget about life for a while. Sales like, What are you doing”

Lose Yourself (Eminem)

“one moment, sweaty in these weak on heavy. There’s vomit on his sweater already. Mom’s spaghetti. He’s nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready to drop bombs. But he keeps on forgetting what he wrote down. The whole crowd goes so loud he opens his mouth. But the words won’t come out jumping. How everybody’s token Down with reality. Oh, there goes, gravity goes so you won’t give up that easy. No backsies. It don’t matter. He knows that he’s so sad that he knows when he goes back to this mobile phone booth. Amusing. Wait, escaping through this hole that is gaping. This world is mine for the taking. Make me King as we move toward a new world order. A normal life is for the post mortem. It only grows. Homie grows hotter, blows no, goes home and barely knows his own nose. See, it goes cold. Cold products booth. The music. Mr No way game’s changed with rage. Cage. I was playing in the beginning, the mood on changed to spit out stays, but I can’t prime step right in the next life. I believe somebody’s paying right people. Life for my family. This man stands for And, you know, I think my life in these times. So it’s getting even. Wanna see being a father and a prima baby Mama Drama. Damn him like a snail of guns Formulated. This has got to go. I cannot wait. And the music”

Thriller (Michael Jackson)

“it’s me. Wait, Thio, You wait Creature froth without the solos All getting down Stand with inside of a corpse Shell way, Way with 40,000 years and ghouls from every tomb you fight to stay alive for yeah”

Where is the Love (Black-Eyed Peas)

“What’s wrong with the world, Mama? People living like Thank God. Oh Mama, I think the whole world’s addicted to the drama only attracted to things and bring the trauma overseas trying to stop terrorism. But we still gotta tell risk here, living in the U. S. Saying a pigsty, I pleasant quips and K k k. But if you have love for your own race, you’re only space ruminate and discriminate only generates hate on when your hate and your band against Ray what you demonstrate. And that’s exactly angle works. Operates. You gotta have loved to set a straight ticket told mind. Meditate so gravitates in love way Same always changed New days of strangers in love and peace is strong while pieces a pump that don’t belong nations dropping bombs, chemical gases, filling lungs of little ones with ongoing suffering as the young. So ask yourself is a loving, really, really what is going wrong in this world that we live in. People keep on making wrong decisions. Only visions of the Nativity respecting each other wars going on. But the reasons under cover the truth is kept secret, swept a little drunk and you never know you never know. I was waiting weight of the world on my shoulder. As I’m getting older, your people get colder. Most of us only care about money making and selfishness. Gotta follow with the wrong direction. Wrong information always shown by the media Negative images is the main criteria. Infecting the young man’s passage from bacteria gets one act like what they see. Whatever happened to the values of humanity? Whatever happened to the fairness and equality instead of spreading them, were spreading animosity, lack of understanding, leading with community. The reason why? Sometimes I really wonder if that’s the reason why. Sometimes I’m feeling down. It’s no wonder why. Sometimes I feel it under cash Way only got wait.”

Carrot Stix (Yours Truly)

“Karen Beans. I turn it green light Brooklyn since my teens, but I ain’t got no means. I ain’t got no money to buy all of my 13. How much was to eat a balanced style with the greens? 40 years of beaten and not a single salad. They see my face is pallet. Well, I say they’re facing invalid but three cardiac procedures and triple bypass since go go. Way to make a man convinced in the garden I’m a king and you can’t take that away And I got no job. Does that prove my food all day and getting me a thing? But it’s on my resume. I don’t get it. I got my environment. So I want to eat some veggies. But I can report that when they tell me. Take it easy, but they know they don’t go slows. Grow him on my own. So I pull a garden. You pull up with hope hope the Garden of Eden in spring, every seating and summer. I’m sweating, but I’m out here with my parents are here needing my breeding, my feeding. So I’m proceeding to 20 me bleed and I’m exceeding a speeding, deceiving and pee in the weeds and at a receding. And nothing can stop me from succeeding because I’ve been reading it. I put in my globe picking my spade. People responds better. Those parts put me up every like a piece of paper on my part was the prince. But I’ll unpopular properly planting my property Probably pretty soon, pulling the piece in the pods he’s produced pie. What are the odds? The bees, I’m afraid, Work to the 10 then in the stands, planting peas like Gregor and Garden King. And you can take that away. I got no because I grew my food all day and getting me a thing. But it’s on my resume. I don’t get a dollar, but I got mine of Ivan. I got the horses in the bag and the horses get me back. Three tons of solid horse manure. I put it on my back. I drag it to the garden for the plants. It’s like the armor. Yeah, just a garden. And I’m a full on farmer. I put in my glove. Oh, this was my labor of love. Shit like heaven above. Don’t eat from the stone. I don’t eat that achieve what I grow. Don’t make me. But you don’t. If you don’t like my garden, Brody And you were straight A meaning. They tell me rice, but I eat.”

SEAGULLS! (Stop It Now) (Bad Lip Reading)

“a penny for your thoughts. I hate Brenda and a bad guy hit me in the shit and I peed on my pants. Uh, it’s nothing a little music can now down to the beach. I’m strong in what she goes poking. My son said she goes, Stop it now. Everyone not to stroll on that beach said, You guys gonna come in and wait? When these Persian When I tried to run this way, Way back by you proven Booth. Hey, show you some dance moves night. Want to Joe Dante? There on the beach. Run those birds. Your psycho wiener. Let me grab my Peter, please. Come on, man. Quick that that’s bank. Put a fish in our basket. You owe me an apology. Just hold your breath, T One time Frank back, you’ll be back by train from Hera. I got your back. Quiet. I understand. On one candidate box. Your special gift. That’s good. Uh huh. One day I was walking into, found the lock and I rolled the log over underneath. It was a time stick, and I was like, Someday when you are older, you duties. Stop it now. Yeah, whatever. You’re sort of pitchy. Do you like? Listen, man, I’m not your friend, Loom, Don’t fall asleep. Stop it now.”

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