Crossworthy Construct

This is my most active project at the moment! Crossworthy Construct is my first-ever web app, written in React and backed by AWS serverless infrastructure. You can use it to build your own crosswords, with suggestions, warnings, and autofill options, and keep them all in your own Crossworthy account, all for free. I’d really love it to be a slick, aesthetic, accessible construction platform for new constructors. I first added the app to our existing crossword website in January 2021 and have been slowly adding features ever since! Suggestions and feedback are always welcome at

iPhone Sprite Games

Note: Maintaining iOS apps in bits of spare time, amid incessant hardware and software updates, is a task I easily fall behind on. Apologies if the following apps are not optimized for the latest iOS or iPhone versions.

I got started with iOS sprite game development around 2015, just for fun. Mostly, they’re spins on classic games with some original twist. Click on one to see more!

If you have any comments, questions, bug reports, feature requests, or high scores above my own (posted on each page), I’d be thrilled to hear about it at!

Spoon Patrol

A Side-Scrolling, Spoon-Shooting Survival Sport (October 2019)


A Real Rollicking “Robots” Reboot (August 2016)

Fally You

Fast, Fun, Frolicking Freefall (February 2016)

Bouncy You

A Thrilling Classic with a Customizable Twist (August 2015)

In Memoriam: NCHS Run

Sadly, the App Store expunged NCHS Run after a few years without any maintenance (a cold world we live in!). A glamorous return one day is not impossible—but for now? Nothing to see here.

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