Welcome to the BotField, a futuristic purple landscape infested with evil orange bloodthirsty bots!

Use your wits to guide the sweet, innocent green player through the treacherous grid while making the bots—of considerably less intelligence—destroy themselves! Rack up the points by progressing through the levels and maneuvering into the most optimal positions. With your combination of skill, determination, and just a little bit of luck, the evil orange bots will find that they are no match for you!

Based on the original Unix ‘robots’ game, BotField requires you to run from enemies that bear down upon you with every move. If they surround you, you can teleport away to a random space in the field—at the risk of landing in the enemy’s jaws. However, BotField introduces a special ‘safe teleport’ option that you can accumulate and use at your discretion. Play frugally or liberally, but always stay one step ahead of those relentless orange bots!

Originally released August 2016.

Kevin’s Highscore: It is possible to put this game into an infinite loop by progressing so far that there is no longer a single safe location to teleport. I did this on August 28, 2016, breaking the installation on my phone:

If this happens to you, let me know! I left this bug as-is under the assumption that pretty much everybody has better things to do than play BotField for this long.

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