Spoon Patrol

Do you like Moon Patrol? Are you intrigued by modernized retro arcade games? Does kitchenware of all shapes and colors enthrall you?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, Spoon Patrol is for you! This unique take on Irem’s classic arcade game pits you, a brave and colorful teapot armed only with a few utensils, against hordes of bubbling cauldrons, flaming peppers, and angry flying pans! Use your wits to go as far as you can before you perish by the relentless head-on attacks or the aerial barrage from the kitchen’s most fiendish citizens.

Kevin’s Notes: All of the illustrations and animations in Spoon Patrol were self-made by me and my supportive girlfriend May!

Kevin’s Highscore: 121.1 meters

Comments or questions? apps@kevintrickey.com

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