A Timeline Visualization Tool from the Future

Quick follow-up to my last post: my father’s been developing a professional tool called TimeStory, built for visualizing timelines easily and aesthetically. It’s perfect for the Billboard analysis I was doing: Timelines represent the span between artists’ first and last weeks on the Billboard 100, up to last month. Artists are ranked by their totalContinue reading “A Timeline Visualization Tool from the Future”

Lil Nas X vs. The Beatles? The Billboard 100’s Most Successful Artists

There are many ways to judge an artist, and the best ways are probably entirely nonstatistical. But add up all these millions of ways that different people rate music, and you get something pretty close to metrics like total album sales, YouTube streams, and other quantitative popularity measures. In this post, and hopefully in aContinue reading “Lil Nas X vs. The Beatles? The Billboard 100’s Most Successful Artists”

Gender Diversity Among Professional Musicians

As a younger student I spent two years in a group of dancing violinists called Allegro!!!. Each year the directors tried to recruit exactly 8 boys and 8 girls to the ensemble, but somehow, it always seemed a challenge to find enough willing and able boys. In my second year with the group, those numbersContinue reading “Gender Diversity Among Professional Musicians”

Does Data Outperform Intuition in Fantasy Football?

This is one I might regret, come May and the end of the season. First of all, this post is about soccer football, not football football (which I don’t know the first thing about). My friends and I play the popular online Fantasy Premier League game for English soccer teams. I’m a pretty avid fanContinue reading “Does Data Outperform Intuition in Fantasy Football?”