Fake bacon, or, facon

As a cut of “fake-able” meat, bacon’s an interesting one. It’s got a few things going for it—for one, it’s usually crisped in a lot of fat under high heat, and that charred flavor and crispy texture is something relatively easy to achieve by frying your favorite material. On the other hand, perhaps bacon’s dominant … Continue reading Fake bacon, or, facon

On Meatless Meat

I’ve got to admit—from keeping ourselves fed to revamping our crossword site, full-blown adult life is busier than I expected! In keeping with the newfound freedom of adulthood, this post marks a bit of a topical shift, or expansion, for the blog. I’ll keep posting about stats and data when I find them interesting, but … Continue reading On Meatless Meat

Ballots & Bookies

Swing states, mail-in votes, litigation threats… there was so much to keep track of as the election news rolled in this week, and it was hard to contextualize it toward results. It looked like Trump’s victory before Biden’s, but how convincing were those hints? It seemed like none of the news channels would give us … Continue reading Ballots & Bookies

Crossworthy Combinations

Wow, it’s been busy lately! May and I are in the middle of moving across the country to Berkeley, California, where I’ll start a new job in an entirely new industry. We’re also finalizing May’s immigration paperwork, while I’m trying to get a last paper out the door to close out my public health research. … Continue reading Crossworthy Combinations

Coronavirus, Disease Burden, and the New York Times

So, UChicago just canceled their entire spring term, migrating all classes to online platforms and sending students home after we take winter quarter finals next week. Suddenly, I have one week to say bye to all the friends and acquaintances I’ve made over the last four years. And graduation? Senior week? The concerts and shows … Continue reading Coronavirus, Disease Burden, and the New York Times

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