About Me

My name is Kevin Trickey, and I’m a college student in Chicago studying Biology and Statistics. Academically, I’m interested in epidemiology and data-driven population health. Tangentially, I’m fascinated by data visualization, applying statistics to everyday life, and computer programming. Orthogonally, I like to create things: short stories, phone apps, large zucchinis, and the odd hip hop song. These are some of the things I hope will populate this website, in time.

I also enjoy eating, swing dancing, challenges, Arsenal, comic book movies and TV (the books themselves can be a drag), cheap vinyl records, arguing, running, and V8, approximately in that order. I generally despise sleeping, waking up, and meticulous plans, but recognize that these are necessary evils and therefore do the best I can. I have two wonderful parents, Aaron and Hemi, each of whom has a personal blog of their own; an incredible girlfriend May, a far more professional writer who is on her third blog now; and a younger brother Alex, who apparently also has a blog but has sworn on its eternal secrecy from me.

Above all, I like to think of myself as an advocate of adventure—be curious, test limits, and try new/hard things for the sake of trying new/hard things!

If you have any ideas, comments, questions, proposals, or just want a new pen pal, feel free to reach out to me at kt@kevintrickey.com. You can also find me on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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