Thanks for checking out my website! I’m Kevin Trickey, the salmon-colored swing dancer in the photo. At work, I’m one of the researchers trying to jump-start the cell-based meat industry. At home I’m a self-anointed food critic, developer, and cruciverbalist (crossword constructor).

Since moving from Chicago to Berkeley in mid-2020, my wife May and I have been amazed at the number of plant-based meat substitutes available in the Bay Area. We’ve made it a mission to try them all, and I’ll be sharing what we think of each here on my blog.

I’m also pretty interested in data analysis, so expect to find a few statistics-oriented posts thrown in, along with any other whims or updates that seem interesting.

Lastly, the final part of my identity can be found on Crossworthy.net. If you’re into solving crosswords, or want to try your hand at constructing one, check it out! May and I publish weekly puzzles there, along with a platform you can use to create your own crossword. We’re always welcome to feedback.