Along the Lane

Written November 3, 2015

A little boy came skipping down
The lane that led from farm to town;
The air was fresh, like cold meringue,
And as he jumped, and skipped, and sang,
He thought of swords and castles high
And damsels in distress nearby.

A little girl did walk with charm
Upon the lane from town to farm,
And she did dream of shining steel,
Of knights to brave the worst ordeal,
To sweep her from her sad demise,
To slay the beast and claim the prize.

Along the lane they dreamy pressed,
One toward east, the other west.
The air was fresh; the lane was worn,
On one side beans and one side corn.

He saw her first, and ceased his song,
For what if she did think ’twas wrong?

Possibly my favorite piece!